Relational Leadership


We strengthen individuals, marriages, & teams.


Strengthen Your Marriage

You’re not Alone in your Marriage

We've done countless hours of pastoral marriage and pre-marital counseling over ten years of life and ministry together; some of those we sat with were Christians, some were not. We've both been trained by Rich Plass and Jim Cofield through their Soul Care Institute. We can meet with you individually or as a couple and are trained to use the Enneagram to help address relational dynamics.


Strengthening Your Ministry

You’re not alone in your ministry.

Together we've planted two churches, one a campus of a multi-site megachurch and the other a traditional church plant. We know the pressures that come with both ends of the spectrum and have a particular passion for helping those in ministry thrive when its difficult. Kim is available to counsel and coach women and pastor's wives in ministry. Nick is available to counsel and coach pastors and other church and non-profit leaders.

Are you feeling tired or stuck in ministry?

Are you about to plant a church or enter a new role?

Are you a pastor's wife who feels isolated and in need of relational and practical help?

Strengthening Your Team

You’re not alone on your team.

Disunity on a team makes individuals feel alone. With the help of the Enneagram we can assess your entire team's relational strengths, weaknesses, and dynamics in order to build a more cohesive, relational team. 

Is your team entering a new phase or season where it would be helpful to assess the group’s dynamics before entering it?

Does it feel like there are some relational issues hindering your team from moving forward?

Do you have a few new hires coming on to the team and you want to assess how the new team makeup can work well together?